How is it possible to make some significant sales over the next few weeks. Surely we’ve run out of time?

It’s not as daunting as you think. If you translate into French, for example, suddenly you’re doubling your customer base.

Translate it again, this time into German and that’s a 300% increase. Okay – the maths is a bit basic but getting your website translated is a very easy way to reach more customers.

Customers like translated user reviews and customer support pages

It’s a small outlay for a few big sales. So, why not give it a try? Still not sure? You could line up your ten most popular product ranges or most visited pages and get them translated in the first instance. And see how they perform.

User reviews are really important for customers no matter where they are in the world.  Translating that section will please the 72% of customers who want reviews in their native language. And did you know that 74% of customers will make a second purchase if post-sales support’s offered in their first language? (Common Sense Advisory)

People buy from websites in their local language

Small things such as translating navigation options bring big rewards. All the available research tells us that customers migrate to content in their own language. They engage more, they browse more, and… they buy more. And they abandon their carts less.

If you get in now, you could enjoy a few easy wins throughout December because it’s easy to translate your current website or your most visited pages by using a language switcher. Or you could build a new website from scratch.

Customer appreciate translations

Just make sure you translate, and then localize, deep enough to know what works in your target region. This will convince your customers that your website was translated into their country and with them in mind. They’ll love it.

Online retailers have lots of ever-changing content, so will translations go out of date?

Not at all, because there are custom-built plugins available which let you translate directly from your user interface. This means you can react and plan whenever you like – by translating particular products into specific languages.

Holiday and New Year sales boost

And once you’ve analysed your results, you can use whatever approach works for you for January sales or special discount days that you have planned for the new year. You can resurface previous or current product info and translate new products easily.

We can guide you through some of the website translation options available. 73% of customers prefer to buy from companies with information translated into their native language. Use translations to reach more customers and increase sales.

Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker TranslationsBy Ben Whittacker-Cook
Ben works in the Marketing Department at Straker Translations and has promised to cut down on pizza in 2018.

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