We do get it. You’ve got a lot of agencies to manage. Bit of a full-time job in itself.

According to a report by TungstenNetwork, a global invoicing firm, the sources of friction cause 125 lost hours a week for businesses around the world.

Get back hundreds of lost hours a week

Chasing invoices from third party suppliers, delivery enquiries, you name it, you’ve wasted time over it.

But simple project management can turn that startling statistic into a positive and give you back some of that lost time.

For a lot of companies doing translations, project management is hard and complicated. So how do turn translate supplier stress into improved performance?

Hassle-free online translation management

We’ve developed deltaRAY, a free account dashboard where you can simply manage the whole translation process online. You won’t need to spend hours on hold waiting to find out when your translation’s going to be ready, or spend two weeks hunting for the invoice that their finance team said they’d sent ages ago.

In deltaRAY you can order new translations, check on the progress of your current jobs, check invoices and make payments. This also means you get total visibility on current projects, pricing and deadlines and all online. Project management made simple.

Upload glossaries and reserved terms in bulk at the push of a button and create your own user groups to control who in your business can view translations or submit and approve quotes, and sign-off on projects.

End the chase and end the stress 

You get the idea. There are ways to take the stress out of managing your translations. If 125 hours are lost in your company by chasing vendors, just think what you can achieve by getting back that time.

Research shows that we’re at our most productive for 52 minutes straight, then we start to lose productivity. Integrating 125 (or so) into your company is like having three extra staff.

Translations that are easy to manage could make a huge difference to your brand. We manage the translation process for you so you can get on with managing your day and not micro-managing us.


Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker Translations

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Badly translated content can really hurt your brand reputation. But when translations are high-quality, and come hassle-free, your customers will be pleased that you’re showing a real commitment to their local market.

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