How Can You Measure Quality?

The world of translation can be a confusing place, especially if you’re the one doing
the buying. Many purchasers of translation services feel the same way as they do when they
take their car to the mechanic. How do you really know what’s going on
underneath the hood? After all, if you don’t speak the language into which
you’re having something translated, how can you measure quality?

Ensuring Good Translations – Right From The Start

At Straker our focus is not on translation quality control (checking for mistakes) but rather, on quality improvement (producing a better translation from the start). Would you like to drive a car off the lot and then have to return it a week later due to manufacturer’s defects? Or, would you prefer to have a great car from the very start? There are many ways to ensure a good translation from the beginning, but chief among them are the following:

  • providing the translators and editors with the necessary resources so that they can understand as much context as possible to uncover the true goal of the communication.
  • Translation teams who are armed with glossaries, style guides, support materials, and contextual information can produce a translation of much higher quality than those who are just handed a text with no background.

Technical Solutions

Most of our larger projects are completed inside our Intelligent Translation Workbench, the workbench surfaces glossaries, reserved words and context inside one editing screen ensuring the highest quality of translation. The workbench also allows real time collaboration and communication with project managers so questions can be asked and answered very quickly.

Our Translators

We use a combination of in-house, contracted and freelance professional  translators and we currently have over 5,000 tested and rating translators in our database. All translators are evaluated and tested for quality and skill in their chosen language pair and are continually evaluated and rated after each project they complete for us.

Straker’s ISO 17100 Certification

Straker Translations is certified to ISO17100 which is considered the highest global quality for translations.  Straker has been comprehensively audited and certified by the leading global verification and certification company TELARC, who have confirmed that we comply on all aspects of the standard. The standards help organizations operate with industry best practises and ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stake holders.

Issues are identified and recorded early to give us the information we need to make these issues opportunities for continual improvement. ISO 9001 certification is suitable for all sizes and types of organizations and is well established around the world as an invaluable Quality Management System standard. Achieving certification of both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO17100 requires annual audits by TELARC each year.


Providing the Highest Quality Translation Service

Writing what you do and doing what you write is a big part of the certification and having completed this process we know that we provided the highest quality translation service for our clients. A big part of the certification process is ensuring you have fully documented all of the required policies and also written procedures for each policy.

Satisfied Customers

For Straker this process was simple as the policies we standby often go over and above, resulting in our outstandingly positive customer satisfaction rates of 98%!

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