In our blog earlier this week we discussed how translations can save you time and lower costs.

But you also told us in our localization survey how finding a provider you can trust, getting accurate translations, and managing translations are your three other major challenges.

Find a provider who puts you first

Trust is huge. The best suppliers will be able to give you a full list of services after listening carefully to your needs. A lot of customers (quite rightly) don’t realize when they first start ordering translations that there’s a wide range of different layers of service available.

And some of these services might not be right for your project. For example, translation plus edit might be perfect if your brand messaging is unique or colloquial.

This involves a human translator reviewing either another human’s or a machine translation’s output. This is a good choice because the machine can do a straight translation quickly, the human translator can give it the ‘quirky’ or ‘on message’ wording required, and a reviewer can then make sure that the copy is accurate, fits the brief, and meets client expectations.

Human translations are the sure way to maintain accuracy

Validation platforms, translation memory and uploading reserved words and glossaries are all great technical additions to help improve accuracy, but what about good old-fashioned human translator expertize?

A decent provider will make sure that only the best-rated and most expert in your subject domain will work on your projects. After all, what’s the point of a marketing translator translating medical copy? It won’t make much sense. And that doesn’t make much sense to us, either. They will have the terminology and technical knowledge to find exactly the right word for your content, because they specialize in that sector.

Manage the project don’t let the project manage you

Project management is clearly a big problem for you. Thankfully the days of chasing suppliers by phone or email are long-gone among the better translation agencies.

If your provider offers the service whereby you can check job progress, order and pay for translations and sign-off on jobs online, then that will free up the resources you had to give away in the first place micro-managing your previous translation provider. We have that and more in deltaRAY, a free online account dashboard.

Enter new markets quickly and reach more potential customers

Translations are a simple and cost-effective way to reach more customers and make more sales. Perhaps just as importantly, using local language will also reassure a customer that you have taken the time and trouble to research and commit to new markets.


Ben Whittacker-Cook Straker TranslationsBy Ben Whittacker-Cook
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